Monday, April 25, 2011

Why was LaBarrie Littles created?

LaBarrie Littles was born out of my desire to clothe my daughters in cute, age appropriate clothing. As my oldest daughter got older & taller, I found it difficult to find her cute clothing (it's amazing the clothes they sell for little girls these days). She leaped out of toddler sizes and was wearing a girls medium at 4 years old. I want my girls to be and look like sweet, LITTLE girls as long as possible.

The gifts I treasured most were ones that were embroidered or monogrammed with my daugther's  names on them. It was surreal to see the name that I gave another human being on something they could wear/keep forever. I first began giving gifts that I was able to have monogrammed from a cute boutique while living in Greenvile, NC. I then hand appliqued shirts and gave them as gifts to my friends' children. I now love to embroider and applique anything I can get on my machine. I love creating cute personalized items for kids. In addition to tees and baby keepsakes I intend to make coordinating clothing for boys and girls. 

My three daughters are my true inspiration. I am so thankful that God blessed me and entrusted me to be a mother. I hope you enjoy my work and will come on this journey with me.



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