Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This week I have participated in a few Blog Hops and have been inspired to blog more. I never knew there was a whole world out there of bloggers and tweeters about such relevant information for me as a mom. I am overwhelmed. I have to make myself close the computer at night. There are so many great resources. From saving tips, preschool education, kid music and learning applications, stay at home moms (SAHM), work at home moms (WAHM)...the list is endless.

I created my blog to promote my passion for making applique clothing for kids. I have 3 beautiful, wild little girls. Okay well the  youngest (5 months) isn't wild yet. But I can only assume. My oldest is 5 years old and she is tall big for her age. At 3 she was on to kids' sizes no more toddlers for her. And the clothes I saw were way too sassy for my little "Punky." I want my little girls to LOOK like little girls.

So LaBarrie Littles was born!

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