Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So here are my LaBarrie Littles!

Cupid's Alphabet (Multi-Hearts)

Lollipop Heart

Cupid's Alphabet

Valentine's Owl

Heart with applique name


Princess Birthday (Purple Dots)

Simple Heart

Whimsical Birthday (Girly Paisley)

I Love Basketball

Additional Designs Available - Some for the BOYS
Heart Airplane

Heart Train

Shamrock Wagon

Designs from Thanksgiving and Christmas

Girly Turkey

Pumpkin Alphabet

Mrs. Red Nose Reindeer


  1. Love it!!!! I love the shirts you've made for my girls and I even love more telling them (well Ava since she's the only one that really understands) that "Auntie Eesh made this for you!!" Can wait to walk alongside you on this amazing journey! get up that pricing page ASAP!!

  2. I am so excited!!!!! Calleigh loves her shirts and her blanket. I can't wait for more.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE your designs!! I will be ordering for sure!! (Saw your link on Facebook through a mutual friend.) Do you have a facebook page or etsy store? You are very talented!! -mt

  4. Hi MT! Thanks so much! I'm glad you found my site. I don't have a fb or etsy yet, I will soon though. I look forward to filling an order for you.